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Lead me Lord

In lieu of our meeting together, here is the sermon for Sunday 3/15. So we can maintain our interaction together, please post your thoughts and reflections on our WhatsApp connection. In these shifting times that will be an encouragement to us all.

God's right turn

This is my sermon on Sunday. It is called God's right turns and explains the reasons for Keith and my surprising move to Florida this spring.  I hope it is an encouragement to you who find God calling you to take a right turn you did not expect.

Why does discouragement block our ab

Many of us face great changes and choices in 2020 which can cause anxiety and doubt.  God can help us "fight for sight."

Extravagant Generosity

The Christmas model of God's extravagant giving at Christmas is a model for our own lifestyle

Hanging of the Greens

Service of Hanging of the Greens at New Hope.  There are two files in one document - the meditation Dr. Mary Lou gave as an introduction to the service and the bulletin itself so you can copy this service in your own context in the future.

And the government shall be upon his sho

Have you thought about the implications of the Messianic prophecy "The government shall be on his shoulders"? For decades I somehow missed this phrase, but it is loaded with implications for our global world today.

God's Thermostat_edited

Being God's thermostat is God's call for the church to live out God's call for justice and mercy and love. This is a subject very close to my heart and very relevant to our internationals here. Included is also a picture of our church members who were present on Sunday

The blessing of Resting in God's Lov

Resting in God's love is God's great provision for the believer that will sustain and empower us in all life's circumstances - Updates on our alzheimer situation

Living in Crosscultural

One of the blessings of shalom is living in community.  Living in cross-cultural community multiples those blessings!

Community Intercession

What amazing stories come when we follow the Spirit's lead in corporate intercession! the picture we can use is from exodus 17 - of Aaron and Hur lifting up Moses' hand in prayer as Joshua  fought on the battle field.

God's Countercultural Idea of Church

The vision of church as a foretaste of our multicultural heaven is a passion in my own life.  Today with 16 here  we represented 10 nations! And 9 of our other members, from Haiti and China and U.S and Brazil, were missing.  May New Hope be a global model.

Free Indeed!

Part of the wonder of salvation is that Jesus Christ can wipe away all our guilt and shame when we come to HIm.

Shalom and Freedom

Jesus said we can be set free. Free from what?

Why is restoration Critical to Shalo

The Lord IS our Shepherd. He leads beside still waters, He feeds us in verdant pastures; He restores our soul. All people who have faced brokenness, suffering and unending grief need to know His wonderful restoration.

Our Healing God

God's healing is physical, emotional, spiritual and mental and greatly needed by everyone on the planet! It is one of the key components of our shalom, or well-being.

Colorful creation

Experiencing the wonder of the God's creation is a source of shalom for our souls.

The Joy of Salvation

Experiencing the joy of our salvation is the foundation basis for shalom.

Shalom Shalom Perfect Peace

Here is the next sermon on 'Living toward the vision of shalom' - this week dealing with receiving Jesus' peace

Seeking Shalom

It is a powerful witness when Christians can be known as people who are flourishing in community, in the Biblical values of shalom, and in the well-being and peace that everyone is searching for.

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