This Week's Book Review

Experiencing Union with the Holy Spirit;

Pinnock's Excellent book

“My heart cries out, Living flame of love, ever burn on the altar of my heart. Welcome, Holy Spirit! Come and renew creation. Breathe on these dead bones, fill us with hope, and lead us into God’s embrace. You are at work everywhere, even where unnamed and unnoticed, preparing for new creation and the marriage supper of the Lamb. Therefore we adore you, Lord and giver of life; come to us and set us free. Be no more a stranger or a lost religion, but fill us up with your love. . . . The book reflects my own faith journey. The spiritual vitality so evident in Scripture is rare and thin in the religious circles I inhabit. The atmosphere is restrained and the style highly cognitive; expectations are rather low regarding the presence of the kingdom in power. So I thirst to experience the reality of the Spirit in my heart and church. I am tired of spiritless Christianity with only rumors and occasional glimpses of wonder and signs. But I am glad to report that in the course of writing my heart has been blessed. I have caught the fire again” (Clark H. Pinnock Flame of Love: A Theology of the Holy Spirit. Intervarsity Press, 1996, pp.247-248).

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