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Dr. Mary Lou minsters through her own published books, weekly book reviews, and daily devotionals for women.

New Book:


An International Cookbook

The Manna International Cookbook is a collection of stories and recipes from the 15 countries represented in our church. We hope this unique offerings of "manna" will give you a taste of what God is doing and ideas of ways to participate with His people in the world - both in your eating and in your involvement in His Kingdom agenda.


1 book : $15

Bulk orders (5+ books): $10/book


The Resilience and Courage to Fulfill God's Purposes in the World

Available now on Amazon, Westbow Press, and other major bookstores.

About Salmon Swimmers

All followers of Jesus Christ are called to become people transformed by the Holy Spirit so we can live out God’s heart for the world in terms of Christ’s great commission. To do that often requires Christians to move against cultural sameness, familial expectations, secular norms, religious boundaries, and even personal emotional issues. Obedience to God in today’s world requires the lifestyle of a Salmon Swimmer – a Christian equipped to overcome whatever obstacles keep them from fulfilling God’s global agenda. Such commitment has intriguing parallels to the journey of Atlantic salmon in their effort to swim upstream to spawn the next generation.

Shepherd's Daughters

Psalm 23 "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..."

Shepherd's Daughters is a daily devotional for women of all ages, and a worldwide community of beloved daughters of the King.

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Shepherd's Daughters:

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ESL Curriculum

America, like many nations, is becoming an increasingly pluralistic nation of the twenty-first century. In most major cities all over the world it is common to hear many different languages in schools, shopping centers, airports or neighborhoods. ESL classes help people of these different language groups learn how to communicate in English, so it is only natural that an ESL curriculum addresses topics relevant to a person’s journey toward bi-culturalism. The goal of this advanced English conversation curriculum is to help ESL learners and international students mainstream into a dominant English speaking culture and develop a comfortable bi-cultural identity. That way, they can be at home in both their culture of origin and their new “foreign” culture. The expectation is that through English conversation practice and discussion of topics relevant to them, learners will develop the confidence to move outside the cocoon of their own language group. They can then interact successfully in English in the daily routines of life because they understand English and can be understood by English-speaking people.


The content is developed from real-life stories, written by a team including ESL learners, about issues they have experienced in learning how to live successfully specifically in the United States, but the curriculum is applicable in any global context in which people want to learn more about the American lifestyle. It is specifically written for immigrants in America or people thinking of coming to America. Since the curriculum is discussion-based, it gives learners the opportunity to discuss their feelings and to support one another in their cultural adjustment.


The book is also being used in a ministry to international students called Cultural Connections. Various chapters that are particularly relevant for internationals are presented in a short lecture format followed by small group discussion. The titles that have been used in 2013-14 are found HERE.

Shepherd's Daughters
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