(PIC) Doing vs. Being

Finding the balance between Being & Doing, and how it works out practically in our priorities has been a topic of debate for centuries. How would you describe the balance? Think with me as I have pondered this issue this week.

Finding Your Voice

Find and use your voice - But what is your unique story, your perspective, your corrective or admonition that challenges and exhorts others, your words of comfort and hope? And, how can that voice fulfill God’s purpose in others’ lives?

A Living Hope

• Hope radiates, • hope anchors, • hope rests, • hope purifies, • hope protects, • hope guides. May we all keep our grip on Hope

A Prayer & Vision

This week, the Lord gave me a word and call for worship. A call to worship, but not just any individual worship. I miss the sights, the sounds, the celebrations of global worship!

(ML)Florida Floral life

When we trust in the Lord and stay connected to Him, we can “flourish” and “thrive” no matter what drought there is or forces that would cause us to wither. We can stay green and never stop producing fruit. Hallelujah!

5 essential attitudes

Solomon's proverbs contemporary style. This week's Sermon is about wisdom that keeps the inner self healthy and strong.

Holy Habits

What habits are you struggling to maintain in this COVID time? Habits can develop consciously or unconsciously, but they set a direction for our life.

Restorer of Relationships

Very few extended families get through life without friction and issues that strain relationships. Ours is no exception. I felt God was saying that this would be a time for restoring and rebuilding some of those relationships.

Meeting Requirements

As many of you know, Alex Zhou and I have resumed our work on our book Thinking Outside the Box. We are grateful to everyone in the last three years who has given input and illustrations for our chapters. And the book is progressing nicely. (More about that and the content as we get nearer to our publishing deadline.) But the life lesson I have learned in this process this week is about meeting the requirements.

Help and Hope

This week I am sending out a sermon on Jesus our healer in the context of suffering from this pandemic. For today this will also substitute for Scattered Flock. May we all live as People of the Promise.

The Divine Yes!

Jesus Christ is the Son of God…, He has always been and always will be for us a resounding “YES!”

Bread of Heaven

What was your diet this past week? God is always seeking to take us deeper into our love for Him and understanding of His love for us.

Not a Clanging Cymbal

Lessons from the laboratory of Agape Love. I expect many of you during this COVID crisis have experienced the same challenges I have. I hope this sermon will give you wisdom and courage as you live out God's love in your setting.


Hi Everyone! The virus has prohibited us from meeting for a final face to face closure of New Hope, but here are the thoughts God has given that I wanted to share with each of you. God has given us a future and a hope ahead and I hope we can still journey together, even as a scattered flock!

good life

Evan's sermon this past Sunday 3/8/2020

faith Like Abraham

Sam deals directly with the extraordinary test of obedience when God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son, and describes his own trial of faith and how God came through in both cases.


Evan's Sermon on Why Faith


Here is the sermon from Sam on Sunday where he laid out specifically our move to Orlando and invited the community to process their feelings and thoughts out loud as a response.  As we send out this sermon, I would also invite everyone to respond and send those responses to be sent to me or to Sam.

Bring Faithful to our calling

Evan's Sermon on Being Faithful to our Calling

Christmas service

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Here is Sam's Christmas sermon from Sunday.

Longing for God

Evan's sermon 12/8/19 on Longing for God

In Jesus's name we rejoice

Here's Sam's sermon from Sunday on Jesus's humility

Evan's sermon 11/10/19

Evan's sermon on "Hope for Discouraged Hearts"

Sam's Sermon

Sam's sermon this week coincided with the flooding of our basement. Our community learned how to live out this message practically!

Abounding Love

Sam's sermon was on "Living Immersed in the fullness of God's love."

Evan's sermon 09/15/19

Hope:The Lord Has Done Great Things for Us

Joy in all circumstance

Sam's sermon August 25, 2019

The Spirituality of the Beloved

This is Evan's sermon 08/11/19

beauty and despair

This is Evan's sermon this past Sunday on Despair and Beauty in Eternity.

A journey with God

Evan's sermon on A Journey with God

Good neighbor

Sam's sermon on Sunday about Good Neighbor

Persevering Love

Evan's Sermon this week on persevering love

Lent Image

The Lenten season is a time of renewal, a time to draw closer in dependence on Him.

Jesus Our Intercessor

The power of Jesus' prayers for us is crucial to Christian's walk with God.

Be It Unto Me According to Your Word

Evan's sermon that focuses on Mary as an example of obedience to God in the midst of unexplained hardship


Satan is unmasked and Jesus shows us how to defeat him.

Hanging of the Greens Service

At New Hope, we enjoy celebrating Advent each year by exploring the meaning and origins of the many symbols that we associate with Christmas. Maybe you can implement it in your own context!

Living Counter Culturally

Evan preached this Sunday about how Daniel gives us an example of faithful living in a secular context.

Our Burden Bearing God

This is a time of great stress for many in our community and certainly around the world. We have a burden bearing God.

Who is your Family?

Jesus upends the traditional view of family and advocates a much broader definition

Called to be with Him

Jesus had the disciples' back. How does knowing that He has your back affect how you will pursue His calling for you this year?

The Honesty of Lament

The Honesty of Lament - in Scripture and our lives.

Life Upended - the Call

How has your life been radically altered because you have become a Jesus follower?

Scripture in a Different Perspective

Our new sermon series will look at what it meant for the disciples to follow Jesus as we follow their story in the gospel of Mark

Lessons from Paul's Team in Col 4

As you learn about each member of Paul's team from Col 4, who mirrors God's call for you?

What do you put to death?

God has very strong words for dealing with our sin as Christians - put to death your earthly nature Dr. Mary Lou

Living Risen with Christ

The truths of Col 3:1-4 challenge our perspective on where our mind is set.

Evan's sermon on Holy Communion

The Lord's Supper is the special sacrament that we take in the remembrance of Christ

How has Jesus' victory affected you?

Jesus IS supreme over every power and authority. Is this more than a theological construct for you?

Are you in a shipwreck?

Sam Lau's sermon on God's redemption through shipwreck.


Being rooted in Christ means we can tap into His wisdom. As we look at the Gospel stories, we learn what that means.

Need Wisdom?

In Christ are hid all the treasures of the wisdom and knowledge of God. Christians can access all that wisdom!

Participating in God's Story

By seeing the Bible as one single story - The Story of God's Kingdom - we could be captivated and animated by it.

Where are You Rooted?

For a thriving Christian life, our roots need to go down deep into Christ. There are so many practical applications of that.

A Mystery Revealed

As we begin to look deeply at Colossians, this first chapter has amazing truths about Jesus Christ. One is in our text today Col.1:26-29. May we all live within this truth day by day.

The Absolutes of Christ in a Plurali

In our pluralistic world nothing is more radical than the absolutes that describe Jesus Christ. Colossians 1:15-20 describes these. The question is how do they affect our lives and life purpose?

Waiting on God

Evan's sermon at New Hope last Sunday

What does it mean for You to Think C

Paul prays for the Colossians to have knowledge and understanding about God. What does it look like for us today?

A Global Witness

The amazing praise that Paul speaks of in Colossians 1:6 is that the Gospel is "bearing fruit and growing" around the world - Christian believers are "shining like stars in the universe" (Philippians 2:15). What does it mean for today?

jesus on toast

God purifies our hearts, so we are able to see a glimpse of His face in others

Christ's Ascension

We don't hear much in Christian teaching on Christ's ascension, but living these truths is essential.

Overflowing Hope

The dedication of a baby born into a strong Christian family is a sign of hope for the world. The overflowing hope that the Mushambis family needs as they return to Africa is the same hope everybody needs as we face an unknown future. God is the God of hope.

Grace - the Centerpeice of our Lives

In this sermon on God's Amazing Grace, there are five stories of the power of grace in people's lives. The wonderful doctrine of grace is to be believed but it also transforms our lives.

Internalizing God's Unconditional Lo

The Unconditional Love of God // April 22, 2018 // God's unconditional love is a cornerstone of Christian faith, yet it seems most of us live in terms of conditional love even in our relationship with God.

Evan's Sermon, job status and a requ

April 15, 2018- Evan, our OPT's first sermon for the church. Peter is really a model for his life. Evan is hoping our church can sponsor him for an R1 religious worker Visa so he can stay in the States and work with international students from many cultures. In order for that to happen, the church needs to meet the government standard of employment with 35 hours a week and a yearly salary above the poverty level (12,000/year). Would you consider pledging a monthly donation towards his support?

Testimonies from Around the World

The Resurrection of Jesus // April 8, 2018 // At least a billion people on the planet do not believe in Christ's resurrection. Why do you believe in the resurrection? That was our theme this Easter.

atonment for shame

Atonement for Shame // April 1, 2018 // It's extremely important for the rest of the world that we not just frame the atonement as guilt for sin, but in terms of the power of shame which Jesus also dealt with on the cross.

An Atheistic Chinese Response to “Wh

“What is truth?” // March 25, 2018 // The answers to the question "What is truth?" are what we need to consider in an atheistic, secularist, broken world.

Vision Casting Call for New Hope

Serving one Another // March 18, 2018 // One of the privileges of being a Christian is to partner with God and serve in the church, in love, on God’s agenda

Revisiting the Old Old Story

Revisiting the Old Old Story // March 11, 2018 // This Sunday, we start unpacking the western boxes that have shaped the gospel.

Living in Harmony with One Another

Living in Harmony with One Another // Feb. 25, 2018 // Both Paul and Peter give very explicit directions in how to live in harmony with other people.

Exhort One Another // 2/18/2018 // R

Exhorting One Another // Feb. 18, 2018 // Building Healthy Relationships

Your Words Have Power

Empowering One Another // Feb. 11, 2018 // Building Healthy Relationships

Radical Implications of Welcoming On

Welcoming One Another // Feb. 4, 2018 // Building Healthy Relationships


Loving One Another // Jan. 28, 2018 // Building Healthy Relationships

Putting Away Childish Things

How do we grow into maturity? // January 21, 2018 // Building Healthy Relationships

The Root of Loving Ourselves

Loving Ourselves // January 14, 2018 // Building Healthy Relationships

Guidance 2

Guidance // January 7, 2018 // Spirit-filled Wisdom

Who Gets to See God's Glory?

Christmas Eve // December 24, 2017 // Who Gets to See God's Glory?

Mary & Joseph's Encounters with God

Mary & Joseph's Encounters with God // December 17, 2017 // Scandal and Shame


The Encounter with God // December 10, 2017 // How Are We Like Zechariah?

Multicultural Family

Living out God's Global Vision For Church Community // November 19, 2017 // Multicultural family


Living out God's Global Vision For Church Community // November 12, 2017 // The necessity of living in Christian community

Power of praying together

Living out God's Global Vision For Church Community // November 5, 2017 // The Power of Praying Together

What are your Spiritual gifts?

Living out God's Global Vision For Church Community // October 29, 2017 // Finding Your Spiritual Gifts

Equipped for Our Calling

Living Out God's Global Vision for Church Community // October 22, 2017 // Equipped for our Calling

God's Calling for your Life

Living Out God's Global Vision For Church Community: October 8th, 2017 // Finding your Vocational Sweet spot (Nehemiah 1:1-4)

Audacious Plan

Living Out God's Global Vision For Church Community: October 1st, 2017 God's Audacious Plan

Thy Kingdom Come

Living Out God's Global Vision For Church Community: September 24th, 2017 // Thy Kingdom Come

Countires represented in Church

Living Out God's Global Vision For Church Community: September 19th, 2017 // Global Christian

Website (1)

Living Out God's Global Vision For Church Community: September 8, 2017 // Life Purpose Finding Our Life Purpose in God's Heart for the World

God's Kingdom Narrative

Thessalonians series: August 29, 2017 // God’s Kingdom Narrative– 1st Thessalonians 5:23-24

Spirit Fire

Thessalonians series: August 15, 2017 // 1st Thessalonians 5: 16-19: Spirit Fire

Nurturing Community

Thessalonians Series: August 10, 2017 1st Thessalonians 5 // Nurturing Community

Nurturing Community

Thessalonians Series: August 3rd, 2017 // 1st Thessalonians 5: Nurturing Community

Empowering presence

July 9th, 2017 God’s Empowering Presence

Body lifwe

July 2, 2017 Body Life

strong opposition pic

June 25th, 2017 Strong Opposition


June 18th, 2017 The Model Servant - A transparent heart


June 11th, 2017 A Living Model

pentecost (1)

June 4th, 2017 Pentecost


May 21st, 2017 Matthew 25, The Sheep and the Goats

Costly discipleship

May 16th, 2017 Costly Discipleship, Luke 14: 25-27,33

Good Tree

May 7th, 2017 Sermon by Bruce Wilson John 12 Evidences of how God is at work around the world


April 16th, 2017 "Just as he said"

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