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Living in the Holy Spirit

Living in the power and fullness of The Holy Spirit enables Christians to demonstrate the power of the gospel in their daily lives. The Spirit and the Word of God alone can demolish the strongholds that keep us from such victorious living.

When God Draws Near

The story of Jesus drawing near to the disciples in John 21 has 5 powerful life lessons for all HIs followers and it starts with failure - hardly the culture's thought for a graduation message, but read on...

Mary Magdalene's Story

Mary Magdalene would echo the song "Wonderful Merciful Savior" if she knew it. Jesus' appearing to her outside the tomb shows the depth of God's mercy and kindness

The ministry of Christ resurrected p

Christ presence with his people is part of the paradigm shattering truth of the resurrection. Christ joined the disciples on the way on Emmaus when their hope had died and his presence turned their despair around.

African Perspective on the Resurrect

African Christian scholars stressed two Global Issues in discussing the resurrection – first the role of women and the need for peace and reconciliation among people

The Veil Torn into Two

Global Cries of loneliness, restlessness, meaninglessness have been answered when God through opening the veil at Christ’s death that made to Him available.

What was finished?

Christ sacrificial death provide atonement, the restoration of people to one another, the breaking of evil powers, and of the power of death, the possible healing of all sickness an infirmities. The wholeness for the people who believe in him and the restoration of creation to its former glory.

The Power of the Blood of Christ

The power of Christ’s blood seal our salvation, provide cleansing of sin in daily walk with God and give us victory over Satan

I'm not ashamed

We are not ashamed of the gospel, we will not conformed to patterns of the world

Our Glorious Jesus Christ

We worship and serve the Majestic One

we don't audit Jesus

Because Jesus is Lord, we don't audit Jesus

Experiencing God's Hidden Presence

What happens when things turn ugly, depressing, and the opposite of our wishes? Will we find ourselves loving God?

Good News of the Gospel

It is imperative that we understand what the gospel, the good news of God’s kingdom, really is about.

Lent Image

The Lenten season is a time of renewal, a time to draw closer in dependence on Him.

Jesus Our Intercessor

The power of Jesus' prayers for us is crucial to Christian's walk with God.


Satan is unmasked and Jesus shows us how to defeat him.

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